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Interested in the inaugural of launch of the Innovation Campus Innovation Showcase…Highlights from the DroneTech Innovation Showcase

2021 saw the inaugural launch of the Innovation Showcase. What is an Innovation Showcase, and why is it necessary? One might say that within all South Africans lies an essence of “Africanology,” which is African solutions for African problems. South Africa and the Western Cape have a significant wealth of knowledge with a developing innovation ecosystem that drives creative and innovative solutions across various sectors. However, often these innovations go unnoticed in the industry. Within this challenge is where an Innovation Showcase comes in.

Through a series of five events, the Innovation Campus was able to increase the awareness of the applicability of drone technology in the marine and energy sector; connect industry, academia, and the public sector; and ignite the imagination of learners and teachers to the opportunities that lie in Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies.

The five showcase event consisted of:

  • DroneTech Talks: A series of short webinars that focused on various drone-related topics such as integrating 4IR into Schools and introducing drone regulations in South Africa.
  • Entrepreneur Bootcamp: A webinar exploring the founder’s journey of drone start-ups in South Africa, as well as a masterclass of invaluable skills and tools necessary for entrepreneurs to survive in today’s VUCA economy.
  • Build-Code-Fly Training: A closed upskilling event for selected teachers in Saldanha Bay that aimed to introduce the West Coast Municipal District teachers to DroneTech so that they may inspire their learners.
  • DroneTech Innovation Challenge: A pitching opportunity for new to established entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative applications of drone technology.
  • Innovation Showcase Day: A virtual conference that focused on the future of drone technology in the global, South African, and West Coast context, specifically regarding Smart Ports.
The recordings of each event may be found on our homepage. The Innovation Campus was able to impact the marine and energy industry and Saldanha Bay community through:
  • Clustering and Collaboration: facilitating the introduction of DroneTech start-ups to marine and energy industry players, as well as government, the local Saldanha Bay community, and academia.
  • Research, Development, & Innovation: discovering unique applications of DroneTech for Saldanha Bay’s marine and energy industry.
  • Advocacy: hosting a virtual DroneTech Talk that sheds light on the legislative framework of South Africa’s drone regulations.
  • Capacity Building: 12 teachers from Saldanha Bay were given the opportunity to build and fly their drones as part of a long-term strategy to integrate 4IR technologies into the schools in Saldanha Bay.
  • Entrepreneurial Support: creating a platform for DroneTech entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses, furthermore, sponsoring the mentorship and incubation of those ready to scale.
We are beginning with an exciting journey of Innovation Showcases. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next event, which will focus on Energy Transition and Decarbonisation Technologies.


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Strengthening our partnership with UKFCDO

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Energy Transition Programme 2023


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